Yokohama, Japan
FOA Architects: 1995
The ocean like flow of the public access rook park is contradicted by harsh geometric shapes in this project. The one of a kind building was ahead of its time in terms of construction methods and design. The amphitheater style entrance to the restaurant is what is shown in the rendering below. The view is capturing both the connection and feel of the ocean while also displaying the construction geometry and its restrictive use throughout the project.
While looking at the structural system we noticed that each truss has a separate functionality and uniqueness. The form works with these trusses to create the organic shape of the flow of water. After going through iterations of structural analysis we began to determine the rigid geometry of the flowing spaces within.
With development of both the trusses and the section cuts we were able to articulate the form of the upper deck. The form was found through a series of meshes being pulled down to match the form of the section cuts. Once that was established, the roof park space seems to come to life. It contains moments of intimacy, as well as, views out to the horizon. The variety of space types located at the port terminal create a unique experience for the user.

Group: Morgan Klaevemann / Matthew Crow
Detail Plan
Long Section
Short Sections
Structural Analysis Model